Another Driver Flees a DUI Stop

The police chase started a couple of hours before midnight, then ended about a minute afterward.  Thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries.

A DUI suspect got into his vehicle around Lemon Grove Avenue and Hobart Boulevard, settling behind the wheel.  He saw the police vehicles, and then made the poor decision to run.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t a stunt driver.  He smashed his car, flipping it repeatedly before it came to a stop as a worthless hunk of metal on the road.

The man was injured from this single-vehicle accident, though it’s believed that those injuries aren’t serious.  The driver who was accused was taken into custody.

We’ve seen so many Los Angeles DUI stories not turn out so well.  This one could have definitely been worse.  So much tragedy is caused by drinking and driving.

But, not all of those who have been accused of DUI are actually guilty.  There are always mitigating circumstances, conditions which might affect driving… perhaps vehicle failure?

That’s why it’s so very important to get a DUI attorney if you’ve been accused of DUI/DWI in California.  We’re experts at uncovering the hidden, extenuating circumstances.

Give us a call if you find yourself facing DUI charges.  We can help you get it sorted out.

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