Anonymous Tip Leads To DUI Arrest

The Petaluma Patch reports on a man arrested for DUI after a citizen tipped off law enforcement.

36-year-old Javier Cab was arrested on Sunday, November 11th on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The arrest came after another motorist saw Cab swerving and driving recklessly on Highway 101. The motorist followed Cab to a fast food restaurant on the 800 block of East Washington Street. There, they witnessed Cab drinking from an open container. Cab then exited to urinate in the parking lot.

Cab provided a breathalyzer, which revealed that he was nearly three times the legal limit. He refused further testing, forcing the police to secure a warrant to draw blood.

Cab was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

He has two prior DUI charges and was also allegedly driving on an invalid license. Open containers were found in his vehicle.

Cab was booked into the Sonoma County Jail.

In California, a DUI is what is called a priorable offense. This means that if a person has previous DUI convictions, subsequent DUI offenses can be met with increasingly stiffer penalties. Just taking into consideration license suspension alone, a person could be looking at up to 4 months of a suspended license. A second DUI could see the license being suspended for up to 2 years. A third DUI could mean losing the license for up to 3 years. If a person is convicted of a fourth DUI, it is automatically a felony charge. The person’s license can be suspended for up to 4 years. This just takes the possibility of license suspension into account – there are other increasing penalties, including increasing jail time and increasing fines.

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