An Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes Into All 5 Vehicles Belonging To A Family

A suspected drunk driver in West Sacramento managed to crash his car into five parked vehicles and simultaneously destroy a family’s livelihood in the process. CBS reported on the incident

The family was in their home when they heard the crash on West Acre Road. All five of the family’s vehicles were smashed in the crash, which happened on Wednesday. They found the driver unconscious on the ground and an uncontrollably emotional woman. The woman was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and later arrested for DUI. The condition of the passenger is unknown.

Families on that street say that the accident could have been worse. Drivers like to ignore the stop sign and drive 40-50 mph down this stretch of road. The family is now trying to figure out how they will get to work without their vehicles.

Many drunk drivers face having their license suspended after they are charged with a DUI, and a person doesn’t necessarily have to be drunk in order to be charged. Even appearing to be drunk can result in a DUI charge and its repercussions. It may sound minor, but losing a license is a hard–but fair–punishment when you think about how much we use our cars.

People rely on transportation to get them to and from work, the grocery store, and many other places. Public transit doesn’t always go where we need to go and paying for an Uber or a taxi can get expensive quickly. As illustrated by this story, you do not have to injure someone as a drunk driver to wreck their life. 

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