Alleged DUI Driver Took Two Police Chases To Be Caught

When a driver runs from police, they are putting not just their lives, but the lives of pursuing officers and the lives of those on the roadways with them at risk. For this reason, police will sometimes call off a chase if they feel that it is becoming too treacherous. After being pursued once by police, someone in the same car took police on another chase. NBC Los Angeles reports on a suspected DUI driver who police caught after a second chase.

The original chase began on Tuesday evening, November 14th at about 6:40 pm. Police were chasing a woman wanted on a restraining order violation. The driver made her way through Buena Park and Anaheim.

She then entered the northbound 5 Freeway, where California Highway Patrol joined in the pursuit. Eventually, authorities called off the chase at about 8 p.m.

The chase did not end there, however. The same car was involved in another pursuit the following day. CHP confirmed that a vehicle involved in a pursuit on Wednesday, November 15th was the same vehicle that had been involved in a pursuit the previous day.

It was not immediately known if the driver was the same driver that police had pursued the day before. The driver was wanted for DUI when the chase began in the Pacoima area. She then entered the 210 Freeway, where the chase picked up speeds. She stopped briefly beneath an overpass. She then continued with hazard lights activated.

The driver exited the 5 Freeway at McBean Parkway in Santa Clarita Valley. When she crashed into another vehicle at an intersection, police were able to take her into custody.

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