Alleged DUI Driver in Tesla in Fatal Crash

Thanks to industry-leading safety features, fatal accidents in Tesla vehicles are rare.  Those safety features cannot protect Tesla occupants from those who drive drunk.  This happened this week, leaving one 7-year-old girl dead and a 13-year-old girl critically injured.

The Tesla Model S was rear-ended by a Chevy Tahoe on the 405 Freeway on August 15, 2016.  Speed was a factor in the accident.

Reportedly, the driver of the Chevy Tahoe was also arrested under suspicion of DUI.  

California Highway Patrol Officer Tom Joy said that the driver of the Tahoe was traveling in the fast lane when he swerved into the carpool lane, striking the Tesla.  The Tesla then struck a Honda, but no one in the Honda was reportedly hurt.

First reports indicated that the children were in the backseat of the vehicle, but did not specify if they were in the rear facing seats.  These seats are popular with children.  However, a later report stated that the children had to be extracted through the front door, which indicated that they were not in the rear facing seats.

The trunk of the Model S was completely destroyed.

The rear portion of the Model S is one of the strongest sections of the vehicle.  However, the height of the Tahoe probably contributed in the crushing force that pushed the trunk into the passenger compartment.

The driver of the Tahoe was arrested at the scene  and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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