Alleged DUI Driver Strikes Mark Jacobs Store

City street and cars

DUI drivers are known for hitting things while driving impaired. Usually, it’s another vehicle or perhaps a pedestrian. Sometimes, however, the unlucky crash victim is a building.

In West Hollywood, California, a man was arrested under suspicion of DUI after driving his car into a storefront. LA Police responded to a call at the Marc Jacobs store in West Hollywood early Sunday morning.

The store is located in the 8400 block of Melrose Place.

A police statement in from the LAPD Traffic Division dicates that a Chevy Camaro jumped the curve and continued into the front door of the Marc Jacobs location. Before slamming into the store, the car hit a light pole.

Witness accounts tell of a man running from the scene with a bottle in his hand. Police confirmed these accounts.

The suspect returned to the scene soon after fleeing. Police were then able to give him a breathalyzer test. After administering the test, the suspect was taken into custody.

Unfortunately, a passenger in the car suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash.

The name of the suspect was not mentioned.

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