Alleged DUI Driver Gets Caught When Their Vehicle Got Stuck In The Mud

KTLA reports on a suspected DUI driver who attempted to evade police, only to get stuck in a dirt field.

The incident happened just before midnight on Sunday, when officers began pursuing a suspect who was driving a black Infiniti G35. Police initially attempted a traffic stop, but the driver failed to pull over and the pursuit began.

The chase proceeded from the 405 Freeway onto the 101 Freeway, where officers from the West Valley California Highway Patrol took over. The pursuit then went through the San Fernando Valley and then entered Ventura County. Officers unsuccessfully tried to deploy spike strips.

At about 12:25 a.m., Ventura County officers took over the chase. CHP officers indicated that speeds in the chase reached 60 to 90 m.p.h.

The driver eventually left the freeway at the exit for Las Posas Road in Camarillo. When he attempted to make a U-turn on Los Posas, he lost control of the vehicle and ended up in a dirt field, where the car became stuck.

Officers made a felony stop on the driver, but he began revving the engine. Officers had to use a less lethal shotgun to break out the window, but the driver still refused to comply. Officers had to use a taser on the suspect to remove him from the vehicle.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was arrested on charges of felony evading arrest, resisting arrest, and DUI.

Most DUI charges are initiated when a law enforcement officer notices a driver behaving in a way that may indicate intoxication. If the driver continues and does not pull over, they may be charged with evading police. This is normally a misdemeanor charge, but if combined with a DUI charge, it can be potentially charged as reckless evading, which is a felony. The driver would face this charge as well as the DUI charge. If convicted, the driver would have to pay the penalties for both charges.


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