Alleged DUI Driver Accused Of 911 Abuse

California, like many states, has escalating penalties for DUI offenses. While a first offense is usually a misdemeanor, further offenses can quickly escalate. This generally means more time in jail, higher fines, and a longer course of DUI school as well as a longer period of probation. In order for a previous DUI offense to apply, it must have occurred within the previous ten years. Even DUIs from other states can count toward this penalty as long as their DUI charges are similar in nature to California’s. Generally, DUI charges are just misdemeanors until the fourth charge, when it is automatically a felony.

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal reports that a man facing DUI charges was arrested again over the weekend for making “annoying” calls to 911.

33-year-old David Maxim was arrested on Saturday, August 13th at about 5:30 p.m. According to the Santa Clarita Valley’s Sheriff’s station, Maxim had made “dozens and dozens” of 911 calls that day.

After several calls, deputies informed the man to stop tying up the 911 lines. He still continued to call, and deputies paid a visit to his home to warn him about misusing the 911 lines. Even after the visit, Maxim continued to abuse the 911 line. Deputies returned to his home and arrested him.

In the calls, he kept referring to an incident that happened months ago.

A check of court records revealed that Maxim has a scheduled appearance on September 17th for an arrest that was made on May 24th. The arrest came after a traffic collision Maxim caused that sent a woman and a small child to the hospital.

Maxim was allegedly under the influence and speeding on Soledad Canyon Road when the collision occurred. He is facing charges of driving under the influence causing injury within 10 years of another DUI conviction and driving with a .08% blood-alcohol content causing injury within 10 years of another DUI conviction.

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