Actress Amanda Detmer Arrested For DUI

The Sacramento Bee reports that actress Amanda Detmer has been arrested for DUI. 

On Sunday evening, police responded to a call regarding a crash at about 5:15 p.m. Reports indicated that a vehicle had been involved in a single-vehicle crash with a utility pole near East Eighth and Flume Streets. The driver then fled the scene. 

Officers were able to find and stop a car that had heavy front-end damage that matched the description given in reports. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 48-year-old Chico resident Amanda Detmer. Police arrested Detmer on suspicion of DUI and leaving the scene of a traffic collision. 

Detmer has had a 20-year career in Hollywood as an actress. Starring in both television and movies, her most notable work includes as a supporting actress in “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “Final Destination.” Most recently, Detmer starred in the final two seasons of the hit musical drama “Empire.” 

California has many crimes where a sentence enhancement can be added. A sentence enhancement is simply an extra penalty for a specific crime. Sentence enhancements must be included in the original complaint and cannot be added on during sentencing. DUIs have several sentence enhancements. One is having a high BAC level. A BAC of over 0.15% qualifies for a sentence enhancement. Speeding is another enhancement that can be added to DUI charges. This includes going 20+ MPH over the speed limit on surface streets and 30+ MPH over the speed limit on the highway. Hit-and-run can be another enhancement if the driver fails to stop after an accident. 

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