Aaron Carter Allegedly DUI in North Georgia for Carrying Medical Marijuana

It seems that celebrities have a knack for getting caught doing the wrong things. Aaron Carter is no different. It seems that the pop singer was caught driving under the influence in Georgia. As NBC Los Angeles reports, Carter was arrested for DUI and drug possession. It is especially important to note that just because one has a medical marijuana card in one state, that may not be a legal excuse for possessing marijuana in a state where medical marijuana is not recognized.

29-year-old Aaron Carter was arrested after another motorist called 911 to report someone “driving all over the road” in the northeast Georgia mountains.

The Habersham Country Sheriff’s department says that Carter is accused of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, and having drug-related objects on his person. He was released on bail on Sunday.

Carter took to Twitter to defend his arrest. He stated that he believed he was targeted as a celebrity in the weekend arrest. He also Tweeted that he had a license for medical marijuana for the treatment of “long standing anxiety.”

However, Georgia law does not recognize medical marijuana of the type Carter was carrying. A sheriff’s department representative described it as the “green leafy type.”

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