A Woman Driving Under The Influence Crashed Into A Police Car

DUI charges become especially serious when there is a minor in the vehicle at the time the driver was intoxicated. Most of the penalties in such circumstances involve additional jail time, fines, and fees. However, if the child is in the driver’s custody or the driver’s own child, the child could be taken away. 

California charges DUI with a minor in two separate ways. The first is by adding the DUI with a minor sentencing enhancement. This could mean 2 extra days in jail for a first time DUI or an extra 90 days in jail for a fourth DUI. They may also charge the driver with an additional and separate charge of child endangerment. In both cases, Child Protective Services is notified and may begin their own investigation. 

Turn To 23 reports that a suspected DUI driver crashed into a CHP patrol car and had two children in the car. 

The accident occurred at about 11:30 p.m. on May 14th on Friant and Nees Avenues. 

Two CHP officers stopped and were talking to the driver of a Mazda when a Hyundai that was heading southbound on Friant slammed into the rear of the patrol car. The force of the impact propelled the patrol car forward into the back of the Mazda. 

Neither of the officers was hurt in the accident. 

The woman driving the Hyundai, who was not named, was believed to have been intoxicated. Officers also discovered drugs in the vehicle. 

There were two children inside the Hyundai who suffered from injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

A woman who was in the passenger seat of the Mazda was also injured and taken to the hospital.  

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