A Police Officer Was Injured While Chasing A DUI Suspect

Getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI is never a pleasant experience. For some, it can be downright scary. Many people who drive while intoxicated may also be guilty of driving without a license due to a previous DUI. However, one of the things that a person should do is pull over and be polite with the police officer. Deciding to even attempt to evade the officer can be charged as eluding. In California, eluding or fleeing can be charged as a felony or as a misdemeanor. In cases where an intoxicated driver attempts to elude police, they will face the charges of both the DUI and the eluding charges. 

The Press-Telegram reports that a DUI suspect led deputies on a pursuit in Paramount that led to a deputy being injured. 

The incident occurred at about 2:05 a.m. on northbound Paramount Boulevard when deputies attempted to pull a suspected drunk driver over. 

The driver did not stop, sparking a police chase that went on for about a mile. During the police chase, one of the pursuing deputies collided with a separate vehicle at Paramount and Alondra Boulevards. 

In the accident, the deputy suffered from minor injuries. The injuries to the occupants of the other car were unclear, and at the time of this article, no further information about the occupants has been released.

After colliding with a light pole at Paramount and Somerset Boulevards, the suspected intoxicated driver was taken into custody. Deputies also discovered a firearm in the vehicle after the arrest.

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