A Minor Was In The Car When A Woman Had A DUI Crash In A Parking Lot

If there is a minor in the car at the time of a DUI, California courts take the matter more seriously than a DUI with just an adult in the vehicle. The driver will face all the normal penalties of a DUI along with an additional charge. There are two ways that the prosecutor can handle the charge. They can charge the driver with the sentence enhancement “DUI with a Minor.” They can also charge the driver with a separate “Child Endangerment” charge. If the prosecutor charges the driver with the sentence enhancement, there is additional jail time of 48 hours added to the sentence. If charged with Child Endangerment, the driver will face the penalties for that charge as well as the DUI. 

The North Coast News reports that a woman who was very intoxicated was arrested after a crash with the minor in the car. 

According to the Eureka California Police Department, a “highly intoxicated” woman was arrested after crashing into a parked car. The accident occurred at Buhne and Harrison Streets. 

Police were dispatched to the scene where they learned that the suspect woman was driving southbound on Harrison Street. Her gray Ford sedan hit a car that was parked on Harrison Street. 

Police gave the woman a sobriety test, which she failed. According to a breathalyzer, she was nearly three times over the legal limit of 0.08%. 

The woman had a minor child in the vehicle. She was arrested for felony child endangerment in addition to the DUI charge. 

The woman’s name was not mentioned.

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