A Medical Doctor Was Caught With A Blood-Alcohol Level Over 0.20%

Most people are concerned about the possible criminal penalties for a DUI conviction. While the penalties can certainly be worrisome, few people consider the effects a DUI conviction can have on a person’s career. The truth is that a potential employer may deny employment because of a person’s criminal history, which includes DUI. An employer may also terminate the employment of a person convicted of DUI., and firing an employee because of their criminal history is legally permissible. For other professionals whose careers require specific licensing, such as drivers who need CDL driver’s licenses or medical licenses, they may find their licenses suspended after a DUI conviction, which will affect their employment.

The Napa Valley Register reports that a Napa doctor has been placed on medical probation following a DUI conviction.

The Medical Board of California placed a Napa doctor on four years of probation following a DUI conviction.

Gary Paul Young, a medical doctor, has been accused of unprofessional conduct, criminal conviction of a crime, and dangerous use of alcohol. He is now prohibited from using any controlled substances, including alcohol.

Young has also been ordered to perform community service, attend an ethics course, remain under supervision at work, and participate in drug screening. He must also complete other requirements.

Young was arrested in Anaheim in April 2016 with a blood-alcohol content over 0.20%. The charges were filed in November 2018.

At the trial, Young pleaded no contest. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail, three years of probation, and a nine-month DUI program.

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