A Driver With Several Pending Charges Was Arrested For DUI And Evading Police

Most California police officers will attempt to pull a driver over when they have noticed signs of possible intoxication. Sometimes, the driver will fail to pull over and will continue driving. If the driver is otherwise being safe, this is a misdemeanor charge. However, if the driver is being reckless or is intoxicated, the driver can face misdemeanor or felony charges of reckless evading of a police officer. The driver will likely face this charge and a DUI charge, which can enhance the sentencing, forcing them to face the consequences of both charges. 

The Lake County Record-Bee reports that a warrant has been issued for a Clearlake man for a high-speed DUI chase. 

65-year-old Ronald Raymond Antoni bailed out of the Lake County Jail last month. He was scheduled for a preliminary hearing at the Lake County Superior Court where he failed to make an appearance. 

There was no justification found by the Court for his non-appearance, and a $2,000 warrant was issued for his arrest. 

The defendant is facing a slew of felony charges, including felony reckless evading, felony evading a police officer by driving in the opposite direction, and DUI. He is also charged in a case that is separated from those charges for disorderly conduct and being under the influence of a drug. 

The charges come from an incident last month when a report of a possibly intoxicated driver came in. A Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy on patrol heard the radio call of a possibly intoxicated driver in a green Honda Civic. He spotted the suspect’s vehicle and made an attempt to pull the vehicle over. As he approached the vehicle, the driver sped away. 

In attempts to elude the officer, Antoni crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic several times, reaching speeds of 80 m.p.h. The chase ended when the driver pulled into the Adventist Health Emergency Room parking lot. He was taken into custody.

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