A Driver Dies In An Off-Road Accident Dies In Fresno

Any driver convicted of DUI in California will face penalties that include possible jail time, fines, mandatory DUI classes, license suspension, probation, or the possible installation of an ignition interlock device. In addition to the normal penalties a driver may face, California has several enhancements that can make the penalties even more severe. Enhancements are added when certain circumstances exist, causing the law to consider the DUI to be more serious. 

There are several enhancements, but some are more common than others. Excessive blood alcohol concentration is one of the more common enhancements. This is charged when the driver’s BAC is over .15% or over .20%. Charges for hit-and-run accidents may be charged as an enhancement or a separate charge. Like DUI, a hit-and-run accident can result in felony or misdemeanor charges. 

KMPH reports that a man has been killed in a suspected DUI crash in Fresno. 

The crash occurred on Friant Road at about 4:05 p.m. on Saturday. 

An unidentified man was driving northbound on Friant Road near Willow Avenue. He lost control of the vehicle and crossed over into oncoming traffic lanes. His car skidded off road and overturned. 

The driver of the vehicle was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. There were four passengers in the vehicle. Three were injured and taken to the hospital. 

While investigating the crash, another driver approached and said that he had also been involved in the accident.

25-year-old Rosalio Galindo was determined to have been at fault in the accident. Authorities suspect that he may have been intoxicated. He was placed under arrest after returning to the scene. 

Galindo was driving on a suspended license and is currently charged with felony hit-and-run.

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