$1M Added To Drug Training Budget In Los Angeles County

Ever since California voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana in the 2016 elections, there have been concerns over those that drive while intoxicated. States like Washington and Colorado have established thresholds to determine marijuana DUI in a blood test, but California has yet to establish these thresholds. Given the fact that marijuana can impair drivers, but can also remain in a person’s system for a long time after the effects wear off, marijuana DUI is a tricky charge to prosecute. For that reason, many jurisdictions in California are using grant money to fund prosecution and law enforcement training in the investigation and prosecution of marijuana DUI charges.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office is making use of such a grant, as SCV News reports.

The section of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office that focuses on the investigation and prosecution of drug and alcohol-related DUIs will receive more than $980,000 to help fund the program through 2019.

The California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the $981,124 to the department to pay for the program. The program is aimed at preventing impaired driving as well as reducing alcohol and drug-related traffic fatalities.

The funds will pay for the DUI Training and Prosecution Section, which is tasked with investigating and prosecuting DUI-drug related traffic fatalities that result in the deaths of others.

The increased funding will also be used to help improve the training tools and resources used to work with law enforcement agencies. The funding will also be earmarked for increasing the number of Drug Recognition Experts in Los Angeles County.


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