1 Dead, 2 Injured in Possible DUI-Related Rollover Crash

Because drinking impairs judgment, it places everyone on the highways at risk.  What can start out as a normal situation can turn deadly when the driver loses control of the car or overcompensates for normal driving conditions.  According to CBS Local Los Angeles, that’s exactly the case for a Pasadena driver.

It was near midnight, and a 22-year-old was cruising the streets of Pasadena, near Colorado and Michigan. Everything was going well enough until the driver lost control of his Cadillac sedan.  He mangled his vehicle at the curb and at the light, flipping and rolling over the vehicle to land upright in the intersection.

One of the man’s passengers was declared dead at the scene.  Another was quite intoxicated and arrested.  The third, the driver, was hospitalized for his wounds.  Authorities are looking into whether the driver was also intoxicated at the time that he was driving.  It’s part of an ongoing investigation. 

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